The Trieste Collection

The Trieste Collection is named inspired by a city in Italy that has most certainly stood the test of time.

Top Of The Line Visuals

The Trieste collection is a engineered hardwood flooring that has the true look and feel of flooring, Our floors are Greenguard certified and CA Section 01350 Compliant.  What does this mean for you?  That Ventian is bringing you high quality hardwood that is both safe to you and easy on the environment.

The Venetian Trieste Collection is perfected and created using the finest trees in America.  We selected the best trees for resourcing, oak, maple, and hickory.  Red oak is by far the most abundant of the 3.  What these three species bring to the Trieste line is a large amount of knot and grain variation coupled handpicked colors.  Nature is giving us true beauty and Venetian Hardwood is bringing it into your home.  The Venetian Trieste collection is milled under quality control standards unknown to the rest of the flooring industry.  

Stunning Color Choices

The Trieste Collection is composed of 14 stunning colors.  These colors range from natural to a warm dark brown and bring out the natural character of the tree.  Small knots, identified grain patterns, delicious mineral steaks, we’ve got it all.

Notice all of our colors are paired with the description “brushed”.  Its because we have added our special touch to each board, a touch that brings out the grain pattern.  This brushing adds an extra layer of design on to a perfect product.

Long and Wide

Wide boards are all the rave right now, but solid hardwood flooring can’t give you a guaranteed quality finished product without some type of hassle.  But, there’s nothing more luxurious than wide plank hardwood.  Each board presents the expression of nature by bringing nature into your home.  Wide plank hardwood also gives a more wide-open feel to larger rooms by giving the eyes less seams for distraction.  The Trieste Collection is milled at a whopping 7 ½” wide.

True solid hardwood flooring is the cream of the crop with its long lengths.  But since solid hardwood isn’t staple in all climates, the Trieste will definitely do the trick.  Our boards are milled in random lengths up to 75” with 75% of boards being full length.


The wear of layer of the Trieste Collection is a healthy 2.0 mm veneer.  Compare this to similar priced products and you will find the competition lacking.  Our veneers are cut from the finest lumber, giving you the best look and feel that flooring has to offer.  These veneers are pressed on top of plywood, bringing the overall thickness of the product to 1/2”, which is considerably thicker than most standard engineered products.  

A flooring product is only as good as the finish that is applied to it.  So naturally, we choose the best.  The Trieste Collection is finished using a high performance polyurethane with aluminum oxide, offering exceptional durability.  The Trieste Collection comes with a 25 year wear warranty.

Its worth noting that Trieste can be installed below, on, or above grade, using nails, staples, glue, or by free floating.

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