Venetian Venice Hardwood Collection

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Venetian Venice Hardwood collection is a 5″ brushed engineered flooring. All the colors are oak to give you that durable slick finish that your feet can glide across. This product comes with a 25 year warranty, so why settle for another brand when you can have perfection with the Venice collection.


The grain stands out on this collection because of the brushed application that removes the soft grain and leaves a more durable product that will stand up against all types of traffic, such as children, pets and any thing else that comes with living.


Engineered flooring is durable and a little more deep denseness that comes from the cross plying. Remember to put your product in the rooms of installation 72 hrs in advance so acclimation can take place to make your product is more stable at the time of installation. We always recommend that you be present at the time of installation so you can get the look you desire.