Venetian Exotic Flooring

Venetian Hardwood Floors Exotic Flooring is a collection of species from different parts of the world. Exotic flooring is much different from the domestic flooring we see every day here in the USA. We have a great selection from Brazilian Cherry, Santos Mahogany and African products.


The great thing about Exotic Floors is the durability that will hold up under intense traffic. Exotic hardwood flooring is very different than the domestic species we have here in the USA. In most cases, the exotic flooring can be as much as twice the hardness of a domestic. They are also UV sensitive and change colors over time, most times they go darker and richer looking. They do reach an absolute point where the color changing will stop. Brazilian Cherry turns darker and redder over time producing the beautiful rich color that you will see over time.


If you buy an exotic hardwood floor make sure you do not put rugs down for 3-6 months and this gives the floor time to mature in color. If you do not wish to do this then keep in mind that once you take the rug up a lite spot will be there until some months have passed. We always ask people to move their furniture around for the first few months if possible to help with the process on a Brazilian Cherry, Santos Mahogany or any of the other exotic floors you may purchase. Santos Mahogany turns a rich dark red that is just beautiful, one of the most beautiful floors on the market.


The Santos and the Brazilian Cherry are durable coming in on the PSI chart between 2000-3000 according to a few variables that might affect the one you purchase. In any case, these products are durable and beautiful and will make an excellent investment for your home.