Venetian Catania Hardwood Flooring

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Venetian Catania Hardwood flooring has everything you are looking for in hardwood to provide beauty and value. This collection is a 3/8′ hand scraped engineered product that will be beautiful in your home. Also, this collection can add the value and prestige you are looking for.


The best thing about engineered flooring is durability. Why? because an engineered floor is cross-plied so it is more stable than a solid hardwood floor. The plies pull and push against each other and this creates stability, a very neat concept. Most people think they need a solid hardwood flooring to be able to refinish. This is kinda true, but now the engineered floors have a wear layer that can be refinished. But we feel it comes down to the finish.


A great finish and you are less likely to need to refinish and your floor is less likely to wear out. Also, the cross-plying can in most cases make a species of wood more resistant to indentations. This is very important if you have children, pets or wear shoes with hard heels. Remember the finish on a product does not make it durable to indentations, this is because of the species of the wood. Some species like hickory or maple are just more dense than others, ask your sales rep. about the PSI on the product, you are considering purchasing.


We feel an engineered floor have many advantages and few disadvantages, we can talk more about these concepts if you call 800-476-3134 or send us an email.

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