Venetian Milan Hardwood Flooring

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The Milan hardwood flooring line is a perfect brushed smooth engineered floor for your home or project, absolutely one of the best engineered floors on the market. We are home owners also and know that your home is your largest investment, we keep that in mind when we are helping you with your flooring needs. Give us a call and let us help you make this a once in a lifetime decision.

Engineered Hardwood: As a whole, engineered tends to be less expensive than solid hardwood, with the exception of premium collections that have a thicker hardwood top layer, uniquely artistic designs and enhanced durability. High-performance engineered products are also more on par with solid pricing. Engineered Hardwood: Sometimes, engineered floors can sound more hollow than solid under-foot, but that can be addressed by stapling down the planks instead of floating them. Premium engineered flooring is usually thick enough to look and sound just like “real hardwood.”

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