We do focus on cost here. Flooring is not an inexpensive purchase. Its an investment. At Venetian, we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality product at the best possible price. All in all, we stand behind our flooring products with reputable pricing.


Sometimes when you receive a low price, you are inadvertently trading that for some service. We are a little different here. Service is our key focus and with 15 years in the E-commerce Flooring industry, we know a thing or 2 about service.


At Venetian, we strive to bring you the latest products on the market, and give all of our customers the best possible advice for you home. Since this is an investment, we know that quality is key to keep a long lasting flooring. let us guide you on a journey through the flooring industry.

Venice is a place where time stands still or so it seems. This city was built with materials that have & will hold up against the elements of nature & time. This inspired us to develop a hardwood flooring design in its image, just for you & your busy family. A brand that is made to perfection that stands against the elements of nature and time with low upkeep, almost maintenance free, livable hardwood flooring that will last and give you years of enjoyment within your home. Good Investments are measured over time.

Venetian Hardwood Floors wants your choice in flooring to be one of confidence & comfort knowing your decision is the best investment you can make. We will add prestige to your home and can be refinished for lasting beauty. We have access to the newest, most modern products on the market.

We carry the best; engineered, solid, hand scraped & distressed hardwood. We can help you find the perfect match for your project and save you money in the process. Delivery will be to your home, curbside delivery with lift gate services.

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Engineered Hardwood: As a whole, engineered tends to be less expensive than solid hardwood, with the exception of premium collections that have a thicker hardwood top layer, uniquely artistic designs, and enhanced durability. High-performance engineered products are also more on par with solid pricing. Engineered Hardwood: Sometimes, engineered floors can sound more hollow than solid under-foot, but that can be addressed by stapling down the planks instead of floating them. Premium engineered flooring is usually thick enough to look and sound just like “real hardwood.”

Engineered Hardwood: At 3/8” to 1/2″, engineered wood is slightly thinner than solid hardwood. Thicker woods are usually available in premium collections. Some engineered floors have a thicker top hardwood layer that allows them to be sanded and refinished several times. Engineered floors can be a good choice if you need a thinner wood for an existing space — for example, to match the height of an adjoining floor or fit kitchen appliances into tight spaces between counter tops and floors.

Engineered Hardwood: Engineered wood can be sanded and refinished several times throughout the life of the floor. If your durability concerns are around moisture, humidity or temperature, engineered is the way to go. Its layered construction provides stability against environmental changes. Premium engineered products come with Armstrong Flooring’s best warranty and a Lifetime Finish for superior scratch protection.
Engineered Hardwood: Engineered hardwood flooring has multiple installation options: staple, glue or float, including our Lock&Fold® technology, available on some products.

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